Our mission is to connect people to opportunities to enable long-term success.

Our Team

We are a collaborative team of various backgrounds brought together by our shared mission and values.

Shelly Morales

CEO and Founder
Shelly Morales is a seasoned HR Executive, Advisor, and Board Member who brings over two decades of experience helping global firms drive performance through forward-thinking HR leadership. Over the years, Shelly led teams at Juniper Networks, LinkedIn, and Cadence Design Systems, and has held Executive roles in public and private companies. As the founder of MoralesHR, Shelly is on a mission to connect people with opportunities, cultivate a community of talented HR professionals, and act as a true partner to all MoralesHR clients and consultants. 


Our Values

Be a Good Human.

Elevate and Empower.

Achieve Excellence.

Make a Difference. 

We are a people organization. We will work tirelessly to serve our clients and our community with empathy, support, compassion, kindness, and relentlessness to achieve results.

At MoralesHR, no one value is weighted greater than the others. When you work with us, you join a community of good people that elevate and empower others, always strive to achieve excellence, and do work that truly makes a difference.

“We are committed to maintaining the human connection.”

Shelly Morales
Founder and CEO